Let me draw you,

let me express your curves and imperfections

let me tear the pages you have lived on with my hands

let me burn it, almost turning it into a lucid dream.

As the ashes fly away, I will always remember you as my first love.

you’re slowly fading away with the smoke and the ashes.

Your smile is losing its intensity,

Your hair is losing its softness.

You have become fiction

That day my heart stood still

As the cursed angels were writing its thesis,

You were fading away,

I laughed till everything burnt in my vicinity,

What a glorious sight it was,

Smell of charcoal and blood raised into the air

Only to realize you were alive and not dead.






Summer’s Night

This summer, I met an angel.
With a smile as warm as summer,
And a gaze as cold as winter.
She wished to reach for the sky.
Only to be brought down,
By her tattered wings.
I long for her, but the agonizing chains,
Oh- they held me back.

Last summer, I met an angel.
who had a smile as warm as summer,
And a gaze as cold as winter.
She was soon relieved of her wings,
turning her into a lucid dream.
This pleased death even more so
to be her companion, for eternity.

She was bound to be mine,
Yet irony pushed me back.
except for the day when,
for fleeting moments, we were one.
The day death set her free,
only to be taken away from me.

Her skin was as soft as the summer dew
Her kiss reminded me of the cherry blossom
touching my skin.
One summer, i had met someone,
who had a smile as warm as summer,
and a gaze as cold as winter.


I’m hurt, with the memory of my lover

I’m gone, to a distant hell

Scars do not let me go, as it has become one with me.

I’m crying

Leave me be, alas its too late to die in this whirlwind of a world.

Please help me, no please do not.

I’m dying

Oh god, don’t go, I’ve become one with it.

It kills me from the inside.

I’m gone.

I cannot feel love or be loved,

The scars can be seen, like the fireworks on the 4th of July.

I’m done.

I will miss you my love, please do not miss me.

You will be in my memory always.

As you were the reason why i have the scars in the first place

10 things i learnt from life.

  1. Being accepted should be the least of your worries or being popular per se.
  2. The desperate need to be wanted should be removed from your head and  the negative strings that bind it.
  3. Making new friends is cool but know your real friends.
  4. The desperate need for attention or the need to be the centre of attention is cool but doing it frequently aint.
  5. First for you the person was a face and 6 months later that person was the only face you saw in the crowd.
  6. Accept who you are, it doesnt matter if you have speech impairment or you are fat, maybe you aint the coolest, you are filled with negativity, maybe you want to be important.
  7. Dont hold grudges its just a waste of time and energy.
  8. Its cool if you are lonely and not outgoing, its fun talking to these kinds of people and they just might be your best friends.
  9. Never become friends with a person just because he or she is popular or beautiful, become friends with people who are real gold and are characters you will fall in love with.
  10. Always remember who you call ugly in school.

// Love //

It’s like a blurred out image in a smoke-filled room, where you and your lover are standing side by side, when the mood keeps on changing from inky to incandescence. The world is left behind and you are stuck inside this smoke room where each time you breathe in the fumes, the more you want to stay because the pain and suffocation is worth it but eventually you will have to get out from that room.

The room where you found bliss, love, being yearned for you but it was internally killing you. This euphoria is something we desire for but all of us don’t have the key to enter this room but its in front of us, we stay in front of that door and want this key till the door is covered with snow, its torturous for some while some believe they will be able to get that key to enter the smoke room.

We all our unique, we have desires that maybe fulfilled or it may not be. Many of us get to enter this smoke room but many of us just die in front of this door waiting to get this key, where we maybe be able to experience LOVE.