// Love //

It’s like a blurred out image in a smoke-filled room, where you and your lover are standing side by side, when the mood keeps on changing from inky to incandescence. The world is left behind and you are stuck inside this smoke room where each time you breathe in the fumes, the more you want to stay because the pain and suffocation is worth it but eventually you will have to get out from that room.

The room where you found bliss, love, being yearned for you but it was internally killing you. This euphoria is something we desire for but all of us don’t have the key to enter this room but its in front of us, we stay in front of that door and want this key till the door is covered with snow, its torturous for some while some believe they will be able to get that key to enter the smoke room.

We all our unique, we have desires that maybe fulfilled or it may not be. Many of us get to enter this smoke room but many of us just die in front of this door waiting to get this key, where we maybe be able to experience LOVE.


// Insomnia //

the inability to sleep, while pondering about different memories which are closest to you or pondering about memories which had hurt you in a way and changed who you were as a person. Instances which made you wonder is it worth it to think about it yet we are not being able to let go of this very memory that made you who you are.

Sometimes you feel that you could be thrown inside a landfill of emotions and relive those moments that brought tears and laughter at the same time and the feeling is torturous and these emotions are the reason  you can’t sleep. Living with pain of reliving those emotions is painful as we have lost a lot of people in these memories those who meant the world to ous and we are forgotten by them for a situation, that was their fault but we were ready to take the blame.

Being an insomniac is basically reliving those emotions day in and day out and changing who you are maybe towards the better or the worse but you do change yourself, which  is the most difficult thing . Sometimes it aint worth it.


Being different something everyone try to strive for or to be the one on whom the spotlight falls to feel special, but very few are able to achieve it. When achieved they are looked down upon by the mainstream society who were trying to achieve this ‘DIFFERENT’. These different people are amazing, they know things or can do things which are mind-blowing only if someone can appreciate them or bring out the best in them, which unfortunately no one does. They are always made fun of no matter how much they try to not take it seriously,they are shy to talk to their seniors thinking what will they think of him or her. these people are shy, not very ambitious, not true to themselves because of the mainstream people. the different people try their very best to be mainstream only few achieve which was their biggest mistake while the few that fail are the real achievers.