10 things i learnt from life.

  1. Being accepted should be the least of your worries or being popular per se.
  2. The desperate need to be wanted should be removed from your head and  the negative strings that bind it.
  3. Making new friends is cool but know your real friends.
  4. The desperate need for attention or the need to be the centre of attention is cool but doing it frequently aint.
  5. First for you the person was a face and 6 months later that person was the only face you saw in the crowd.
  6. Accept who you are, it doesnt matter if you have speech impairment or you are fat, maybe you aint the coolest, you are filled with negativity, maybe you want to be important.
  7. Dont hold grudges its just a waste of time and energy.
  8. Its cool if you are lonely and not outgoing, its fun talking to these kinds of people and they just might be your best friends.
  9. Never become friends with a person just because he or she is popular or beautiful, become friends with people who are real gold and are characters you will fall in love with.
  10. Always remember who you call ugly in school.

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